7 February 2011

Toyota Camry - Best-Selling Aussie-Built Car

Toyota Camry has achieved a winning double as the best-selling Australian-built car and the best-selling car in the United States.

Substantial domestic and export sales combined to make Camry the top-selling car built in this country in 2010.

Production of the popular mid-size car at Toyota's plant in Melbourne's west exceeded 95,000 sedans - substantially greater output than any other locally produced vehicle.

Of these, in excess of 70,000 were exported to more than 20 destinations, while just over 25,000 were sold on the local market.

Camry was also the best-selling car in the United States last year with 327,804 sales - more than 45,000 ahead of its nearest rival.

Toyota Australia's senior executive director sales and marketing David Buttner said Camry has been sold in Australia for more than 27 years.

"Camry is a car that consumers really love - and that provides enormous motivation to everyone at Toyota, especially at our manufacturing plant," Mr Buttner said.

"The success of Camry is significant. It motivates all of us to continue to produce and sell a very high-quality car," he said.

The Australian and U.S. double represents a multiple victory for Camry, which is one of the world's most successful cars with total global sales of more than 12 million.

Toyota Australia has been Australia's largest car exporter for each of the past 15 years, with Camry dominating.

The Australian-built Camry is the best-selling car in the United Arab Emirates and has been Australia's most popular mid-size car for the past 17 years.

Camry has topped the U.S. sales charts for 13 of the past 14 years, including the past nine years in a row.

Toyota's Altona factory, which produces Hybrid Camry and the V6 Aurion in addition to Camry, is one of eight plants around the world where Camry is built. The other plants are in the United States (two), Japan, Thailand, China, Russia and Vietnam.

In 1987, Australia became the first country outside Japan to build the Camry. Exports, mainly to the Middle East, began in 1993.

Last year, Toyota Australia produced the 1.5-millionth locally-built Camry and exported its 500,000th vehicle to Saudi Arabia - a Camry.

The company entered a new era for the local car industry in 2010 when it began producing Hybrid Camry, the first Australian-built hybrid car.

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